Praise for WCS:

"Despite the book's nudge-wink tone, it's packed with extremely practical advice for surviving the awkward years (oh, how I could've benefited from learning to fix a busted zipper with a safety pin )"'s Droolicious Blog

Got Middle School blues? You're going to need this!
Having reviewed The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, as well as its Jr. Edition, it is high-time we looked at what bridges these two stages of life, Middle School! The trusty quad of authors and illustrator, David Borgenicht, Ben H. Winters, Robin Epstein, and Chuck Gonzales has created the number one reference manual for how to survive this stage of life. Got questions on the school day, after school, and the social scene? This Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook is the only go-to guide that middle-school-ers are going to need." - By Barbara Bell VINE VOICE

Praise for Jackass:

This informative, hilarious guide to the law will steer you through everything from on-line porn on the job to common-law marriage; from pet burials to Ponzi schemes. The Epstein sisters have fully mastered “I Sue,” the ancient, mysterious Jewish art of self-defense, and are, for the first time, sharing these secrets with gentiles. This book cannot replace a real lawyer when you get into trouble, but mastering its contents will save you from needing one.”–Ronald L. Kuby, Host, “Doing Time with Ron Kuby”

“This fun and funny book offers a wealth of practical and jaw-dropping legal insight, administered in a uniquely painless fashion. It also offers one of the most arresting author photos in the history of Anglo-American jurisprudence.” –Roger Parloff, senior editor for legal affairs, Fortune magazine

Praise for Pancakes:

"Powerful and poignant...  Unsentimental but caring intergenerational relationships and spot-on adolescent banter provide humor and hope in this stellar addition to the coming-of-age genre, which offers neither judgments nor simplistic answers."  -Publishers Weekly

"Everything comes together in an authentic, breezy read that asks difficult questions and doesn’t shy away from direct answers, or the reality that answers may not exist. With well-developed adults and a teen seeking help from God and anyone she perceives as wise, this memorable novel offers food for thought and sustenance for the soul." -Booklist


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