This action packed thriller about beautiful psychic teenagers and how emotions change our ability to "see" is a dazzling and affecting page-turner. Epstein's writing is smart, funny and truly sensational.  
- Gary Shteyngart, bestselling author of SUPER SAD TRUE LOVE STORY and THE RUSSIAN DEBUTANTE’S HANDBOOK


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As someone who has always fantasized about what it might be like to read minds or predict the future, I devoured every page.”

– Zoe Aarsen, author of LIGHT AS A FEATHER, STIFF AS A BOARD

Epstein's HEAR, about a smart crew of teens with an intuitive gift, is fast, dangerous, funny, and oddly real. What a great read! I loved it.
- Geoff Herbach, bestselling author of STUPID FAST and I'M WITH STUPID


Expelled from high school months shy of graduation, Kassandra Black is sent to work in the lab of her great-uncle Brian at Henley University. What Kass doesn't know is that the Henley Engineering Anomalies Research lab -- the HEAR lab -- studies ESP. She soon discovers the other teenagers who are there possess startling abilities, and the mind games they play begin immediately. After forming a strong connection with one of the seductive young men in the group, Kass finally becomes aware of the power she's always possessed. But discovering that questionable (and possibly dangerous) forces seek to harness the group's talents, Kass comes to understand that though the future is predictable, people are not

Robin Epstein Novel, H.e.a.r., Published By Soho Teen